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Made in Florida Teacher's Guide: What's Made in Your Backyard (redirected from Made in Florida 2015 Video Curriculum Student Activity Sheets)

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FLATE and the Florida TRADE Consortium produced the "Made in Florida" video, which takes a look at manufacturing in Florida by geographic region.

These teaching aids for secondary educators that can be used with the video in classrooms for structured lessons..


The full 24-page Teacher Guide is available below as a downloadable PDF file. The student activity sheets that go with each lesson are available for download below. 

The "Manufacturing Perceptions Survey" can used prior to having students watch the video to see how their perceptions change.


Click here to access the "Made in FLORIDA 2015: What's Made in Your Backyard?" video as either the full version or as "chapters" by regions.



 "Made in FLORIDA: What's Made in Your Backyard?" TEACHER'S GUIDE & STUDENT HANDOUTS (downloadable PDF)

Perception Survey
Lesson 1
Lesson 2                  MIF2015-Lesson_2-Attention_Questions
Lesson 3                   MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_CE (Central East)
                   MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_CW (Central West)

                 MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_NE (North East)

                   MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_NW (North West)
                   MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_SE (South East)
                         MIF2015-Lesson_3-Attention_Questions_SW (South West)
Lesson 4                  MIF2015-Lesson_4-Attention_Questions
Lesson 5                  MIF2015-Lesson_5-CM-Planning_a_Career


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