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CIS Lesson Plans

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Comprehension Instructional Sequence Model (CIS) Lesson Plans


Bringing Together Industry Tour & STEM/Manufacturing Careers


FLATE has developed some curriculum tools to help student to prepare and succeed in Hi-tech careers with new ways to tailor instruction. This curriculum has being conceived by bringing together industry tour and STEM areas in a four day lesson plan to build learners’ background knowledge in STEM areas, expand their vocabularies, and to promote reading and writing success. 

Curriculum is aligned with common core/FL standards using the Comprehension Instructional Sequence Model - CIS. This model uses a multiple-strategy instruction that promotes student development in reading comprehension, vocabulary, content-area knowledge, and critical thinking about complex texts.

 There are 8 lesson plans with focus on different processes/aspects of manufacturing. Each lesson includes activities for 4 day (50 minute) lesson plan on:    

Assembly, Automation, Electronics Assembly, Materials Selection, Product Design, Quality Measures: Metrology, Subtractive Machining and Fabrication: Welding.

  • Day 1 and 2-Reading and research; students will focus on reading and research about the manufacturing process topic, learn new technical vocabulary and research of company to be toured.
  • Day 3-Industry tour day; students will experience a real manufacturing world by touring a Florida manufacturing industry, taking notes and categorizing observations based on previous reading/search.
  • Day 4-Discussion/essay writing: students are encouraged to use critical thinking to write an essay that uses evidence from previous research (day 1 and 2) and observations they make while on the company tour (day 3).  The essay will be graded for accuracy, punctuation, spelling and format.  




 "Electronics Assembly"

"Materials Selection"

"Product Design"



"Quality Measures: Metrology"

 "Subtractive Machining"

"Fabrication: Welding"



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