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2014 FLATE Presentations

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FLATE 2014 IAC Meeting Files

FLATE ET Forum Meeting Files


2014 (01/01/14 - 06/30/14)

013114 3rd Annual Florida Colleges Energy Education Forum - FLATE Presentation

013114 3rd Annual Florida Colleges Energy Education Forum - all other presentations 

020614 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration - (Savannah, GA) - Integrating Sustainability

021014 International Internship Program_FLATE-HETEL-GLOBAL TRAINING 

022014 Virginia Children's Engineering Education Conference (Richmond, VA) - An Integrated Experience for Elementary Engineering Education

022414 Tampa Bay Mechatronics Forum (SPC, Clearwater)  - Forum Presentations and videos  

030314 League of Innovation (Anaheim, CA) - Curriculum Review Processes 

032114 NEATEC Conference -   Working in Controlled Environments    

032614 League of Innovation (Puebla, Mexico) - The Florida Plan for Technical Education  

040814 AACC Conference (Washington, D.C.)  Mechatronics, meeting industry needs 

040314 Engineering Technology Forum (Bartow, FL) - presentations and meeting summary

042414 Dream It Do It Presentation (Washington, DC) - Branding "Made in Florida"

042514 SUNY T.E.A.M. Conference (Rochester, NY) - FLATE's support for Manufacturing Education in Florida 

050914 Planning for MFG DAY 2014 in Florida -  WEBINAR

051214 FESC Workshop (Gainesville, FL) - Industrial Energy Efficiency (Poster)

051214 FESC Workshop (Gainesville, FL) - Industrial Energy Efficiency (Presentation)

051314 Virginia Western Manufacturing Summit (Roanoke, VA) - NSF and the ATE program  

052014 NAWI Conference (Portland, OR) - Recruiting Girls

052014 NAWI Conference (Portland, OR) - Common Core Curriculum

06114 FETN Workshop (Gainesville, FL) - Energy Camp in-a-Box

061514 ASEE Conference (Indianapolis, IN) - Recruiting Girls

061514 ASEE Conference (Indianapolis, IN) - Manufacturing Day in Florida

061814 FLATE Summer Camp for Teachers (Tampa, FL) Keeping the T and E in sTEm-Light Up with Technology 

062014 ASME Community College Summit (Washington, DC) - FLATE ATE Center of Excellence Overview


2014 (07/01/14 - 12/30/14)

071114 CTC Working Connections (Dallas, TX)  - Toothpick Factory Workshop Presentation

072114 HiTEC Conference (Chicago, IL) - Systems Approach to Mechatronics

072214 HiTEC Conference (Chicago, IL)  - TAACCCT Presentations

072214 HiTEC Conference (Chicago, IL) - Collaborative Robotics in Education

072214 HiTEC Conference (Chicago, IL)  - Buffing up your ATE Project - communications handout 

072234 HiTEC Conference (Chicago, IL)  - President's Panel: Manufacturing Matters (link to video) 

072914 FACTE Conference (Wesley Chapel, FL)  - Getting More Impact from Industry Tours 

081314 SDHC Professional Development Day for Industrial & Technology Teachers (Tampa Bay Tech, Tampa, FL) - Using CIS Lessons with MFG Day: Bringing Together Industry Tours & the New Standards

091114 Able Trust Conference (Tampa, FL) - Manufacturing Careers    

092914 The Corridor Quarterly Mtg (Clarmont, FL) -  Robotics in Outreach

100914 NCATC Conference (Houston, TX) - National Manufacturing Day 2014  

100914 NCATC Conference (Houston, TX) - Manufacturing Day in Florida 2014  

101214 NCPN Conference (Orlando, FL) - Credentialing Workshop -Barger presentation   

101314 NCPN Conference (Orlando, FL) - Emerging Technologies Lightning Round

101314 NCPN Conference (Orlando, FL) - Integrating Robots in the Classroom

102414 NSF ATE PI Meeting (Washington DC) - Recruiting Strategies using 21st Century Tools

102914 NCWE Conference (Pittsburg, PA) - A Look at the NSF ATE Program 

110314 NEW Conference (Seattle, WA) - Toothpick Factory Workshop

112014 ACTE Conference (Nashville, TN) - Integrating Industry Tours and Common Core Standards 

112514 Sustainability Staffing at Florida Colleges- FESC Newsletter Article 


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