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ET Modules

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These curriculum modules support a variety of engineering technology courses in different discipline areas.

NEW!  Online Resources for teaching Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Technology

 Updated 4/29/2020 

NEW! American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) Resource SITE

 NEW! Just-in-time resources for teaching online  

Alternative Energy Systems

Agere Industrial Learning Environment

Daytona State College (DSC) BSET Program Info & Student Guides 

Vacuum Technology

Introduction to Measurement Science

AutoCAD Video Tutorials

Electromechanical Clean Room Safety Industrial Energy Efficiency
Fluid Mechanics Photolithography

Mechatronics Community Exchange & Mech Info

Automation and Production Technology & MSSC CPT

International Training-Renewable Energy Spain 2012


Florida Secondary & Post Secondary Alignment to NIMS 

Additive Manufacturing
Florida A.S. Engineering Technology Course Syllabi /Outlines 


Florida Secondary & Post Secondary Alignment to AWS

Big Bad Tech 

online lectures and activities for electro-mechanical and related courses

2017 Industry Survey of ET Advanced Manufacturing (AM) Competencies  

New!  Mechatronics Low-Cost Trainer & Curriculum Support

from NSF ATE CollaborATE Grant





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*PLEASE NOTE: If you use these materials, please remember to attribute the content to FLATE and the National Science Foundation, NSF, which funds the FLATE Center of Excellence.



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