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MFG Tour Surveys

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Your feedback and the student's thoughts are highly important to us, so please take some time to fill out the pre-tour forms and post-tour surveys. The information on the completed surveys will help contribute to Manufacturing Day's statistical analysis and improve future industry tours! 


NEW 2019 Florida MFG DAY Student Tour Survey Results Report is now available! Download here


Manufacturing Day Student Surveys

Contribute to this year's surveys to see how your county's students were impacted by going on an industry tour!

 Please complete and submit a cover sheet for every student industry tour that you participated in.

Cover sheet for industry tours
Printable Post Tour Student Survey  Online Post Tour Student Survey

For information on how to turn in completed paper surveys and cover sheets contact a FLATER at http://www.fl-ate.org/contact/


Educator & Host Survey Materials

(Surveys need to be completed after tours so data can be collected, and to retrieve feedback on MFG DAY events)


Tour Tracking Documents 
Sample Spreadsheet for Tour Data Collection  Use this spreadsheet to help keep track of your tours and to calculate how many MFG Day shirts you need! 
Teacher, Chaperone, and Host Surveys 
Post Tour Teacher & Parent Survey  Your opinion on MFG Day is important to us, so please take some time to complete this survey on how we can improve MFG Day.  
Post Tour Industry Host Survey 


















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