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MFG Tour Educator Resources (redirected from 2019 MFG Tour Educator RESOURCES)

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Below you will find some wonderful materials for teachers to help improve student's experience on manufacturing tours.



FLATE's Best Practice Guide for Industry Tours


We recommend reading "FLATE's Best Practices Guide for Industry Tours" first to help guide you on how to make a successful industry tour!


Looking for more FLATE Guides? Visit this page to view or print all of FLATE's Best Practices! 


Check all the 2020 "Made in Florida" Virtual Events at the

"Florida MFG Month Online Events Hub" and start planning your amazing educational virtual tour.


 Click Here




Lesson Plan Ideas

Here are some suggested lessons to help prepare students for MFG Month Industry Tours. Each Lesson plan gives teachers the materials needed to engage students with authentic and sometimes unresolved challenges faced by manufacturing companies today. 

Made in Florida Lessons include: Teacher Instruction/Lesson Plans​, Reference Sheet & Answer Sheets, Presentation (ppt/video), Student’s handout & Grading Rubric


Virtual Tour Student Worksheet: Company Fact Sheet (2021)


Grade Level: Middle School & Hight School 
Made in Florida Industry Tour Lesson Plan 
Discover Manufacturing in Florida Lesson Plan and Presentation
Comprehension Instructional Sequence CIS Lessons Outline (7th-12th grade level)
Grade Levels: Elementary (3th) to High School
Scavenger Hunt Lesson Plan
A Day with Manufacturing
Another Fun Day with Manufacturing 
"What is Manufacturing" - Flyer describing the fascinating world of manufacturing and the careers its represents
"What is Manufacturing" Presentation





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