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Low-Cost Mechatronics Trainer (LCMT) and Curriculum Resources (redirected from Los-Cost Mechatronics Trainer (LCMT) and Curriculum Resources)

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The goal of the CollaborATE project (NSF ATE Grant # 1601172) is to develop an Associate's Degree in Mechatronics incorporating pathways from local high schools into the degree offering at the College of Lake County, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Anne Arundel Community College. The project will design and develop low-cost laboratory trainers and offer professional development opportunities for high school faculty to adopt components of the curriculum at their respective high schools. The curriculum will be aligned to specific skills needed in the industry and shared and disseminated to high schools and colleges across the nation.


Access videos, build and design files, bill of materials and curriculum, visit:  https://www.maryland.design/lcmt  


SUMMER WORKING CONNECTIONS - summer workshops with the LCMT at FSCJ, Jacksonville, FL 





COLLEGE OF LAKE COUNTY Mechatronics AAS Degree Program and Course Syllabus 


Robot Design and Construction- Robot Design & Construction I-III.pdf

Mechanical Systems-  Mechanical Systems I-III Syllabus.pdf

Pneumatics Hydraulics- Pneumatics Hydraulics I-III Syllabus.pdf

High Tech Mfg- High Tech Mfg I-III Syllabus.pdf 

Electrical Systems- Electrical Systems I-III Syllabus.pdf

Capstone- Capstone I-III Syllabus.pdf 

CAD Syllabus- CAD Syllabus.pdf

Automation I-III-  Automation I-III Syllabus.pdf

Automation IV-VI- Automation IV-VI Syllabus.pdf

ARM 266 Advanced Motor Control-  ARM 266 Advanced Motor Control Syllabus.pdf

ARM 226 Programmable Automation-  ARM 226 Programmable Automation Technologies Syllabus.pdf  


AAS Mechatronics Program Outline/Degree Requirements- AAS Degree Requirments.pdf


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