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2017 Industry Survey Results of ET Adv Manu Competencies

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Polk State College was engaged with a Lumina Beta Credentialing Project in 2016 to define the competencies and provide level indicators for depth of knowledge and skills defined.  FLATE and the ET Forum partnered with this project to provide statewide input on the outcomes.  The aggregated raw data is below (level indicators for each competency.  Polk also developed aligned assessments for the competencies in the program (This effort was outside the Lumina Foundation project).  [Also see FLATE Focus Blog story, May 2018: http://flate-mif.blogspot.com/]


AS ET Advanced Manufacturing Competencies and Levels (final 2017)

Lumina Foundation Beta Credentialing Project site


In 2017, Polk State, the ET Forum, FLATE, and FloridaMakes developed a survey from the competencies for Industry/Manufacturers. The survey documents and summary results are posted below.


Online Industry Survey

Survey Monkey Report Downloaded

Excel Survey Summary Results

2018 Survey Report with Results and Protocols 


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