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2016 FLATE Presentations, Webinars and Meeting Files

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2016 FLATE IAC Meeting Files


2016 ET Forum Meeting Files









2016 (01/01/16 - 12/30/16) - Presentations, Webinars and Meeting Files

102516-NSF ATE PI Meeting (DC) - Social Media Workshop, Are we there yet? 

102516-NSF ATE PI Meeting (DC) - Emerging Technologies - Manufacturing Perspective

102516-NSF ATE PI Meeting (DC) - Advanced Manufacturing Centers Resources Panel and Round Tables
102516-NSF ATE PI Meeting (DC) - Working with Disabled Populations - FLATE Handout

110316 ATMAE Conference (Orlando) - Manufacturing Education Pathways in Florida

111016 USF Stavros Center Made in the USA (Tampa) - Women in Manufacturing as part of "Made in the USA" presentation

111016 Stavros Center Made in the USA (Tampa) - Made in the USA" presentation 

111716 Manufacturing Association of the Space Coast (Palm Bay) - Manufacturing Pathways in Florida

120616 TBSTEM Network (Tampa) -  HCC Workforce Programs highlighting ET Degree

120916 K-5 STEM Conference @ DL Jamerson ES (St. Pete) - FLATE Keynote presentation

120916 K-5 STEM Conference @ DL Jamerson ES (St. Pete)- Engineering 101

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