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The Toothpick Factory© is a hands-on activity, set in a manufacturing context, that stimulates discussion and awareness about a wide range of soft skills that are essential in today’s work and personal relationships. These are workplace standards of behavior needed by employees to interact and cooperate effectively with co-workers.  The hands-on activity engages participants in a non-threatening simulation so they can focus on teamwork and communication skills.  


What are Soft Skills?

Active Listening, Effective Communication, Team-Building, Flexibility/Adaptability & Leading Skills



The Toothpick Factory© - SHORT SHIFT LESSON


Don't have enough time for the full version of The Toothpick Factory? Use the Toothpick Factory Short Shift.  



The Toothpick Factory©
Participants are given real workplace scenarios, provided with production requirements and must adhere to strict time restraints so productivity calculations can be completed. Teamwork is driven by the product.



The Toothpick Factory© - COMMUNICATION

Want more activities focusing on COMMUNICATION skills? This add-on module has students really think about their communication by having them work through a scenario where they are not allowed to talk...is this possible!!!???  Find out how your students react! 



Replacement files and Worksheets for Toothpick Factory Kits 




Professional Development-Toothpick Factory© Workshop

FLATE has facilitated The Toothpick Factory in several different venues. The Toothpick Factory© has impacted more than 4,000 students, educators & industry leaders. Interested to host Toothpick Factory Facilitator’s Workshop at your institution, send an email to: events@flate.org.



Praise for Toothpick Factory

“It’s a simple concept for teaching a difficult topic.”

“Provided clarity for a focus on team interaction.”

“It will engage the students and make it fun.”

“Good team activity, both in the classroom and at work!”


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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