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"Made in Florida" Lesson Plans?


Made in Florida (MIF) Lesson Plans are fun and hands on classroom materials designed to enrich Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classes. These FREE instructional resources provide your students with real world scenarios relevant to manufacturers throughout Florida. 


Each Lesson plan gives teachers the materials needed to engage students with authentic and sometimes unresolved challenges faced by manufacturing companies today. 



Lesson Plans Include: 


·  Lesson plan

·  Reference sheet

·  Answer sheet

·  Company info sheet


·  Grading rubric

·  Presentation or video         

   (if applicable)


·  Instructions scenario 

·  Handouts needed for the lesson


Choose your classroom level


Be ready to have fun with our lessons!!!



FLATE Elementary School Lessons




FLATE Middle School Lessons


FLATE High School Lessons



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