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High School Lessons (redirected from High_School_Challenges)

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These fun and interactive lessons provide high school educators and students with fun and real hands on learning activities to promote and motivate students with

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fundamentals




Lessons 1, 2 and 3

 Create a new juice container for



"Design a Tour Bus"   

Design the interior of your

own designer tour bus. 

 "Safety & Personal

Protective Equipment"

Put your safety skills to work.

"Video Modules for Introductory AutoCAD"

"What's A Matter?"

Understand the importance

of weight, density and volume. 

(Contributed by

Danielly Orozco)




and Precision"

Activity that challenges

students to work with

different measuring tools

(Contributed by Danielly Orozco)

 "Chocolate Factory"

Lessons 1 and 2

Students are challenged to understand general

properties of melting

points and emulsions.


Comprehension Instructional Sequence Model (CIS) Lesson Plans and Industry Tour 

With these lessons, students will increase their skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, content-area knowledge, and critical thinking while they have fun learning about he world of manufacturing and participating in a Florida industry tour.



In this lesson, students are

introduced to robotic programming

while working for NASA.

  "Office Architecture Design"

Through this lesson, students are

introduced to basic concepts

of drafting/technical drawing. 


"Made in Florida

Scavenger Hunt" 

Learn all about the products

and careers that are 

right here in Florida. 

(Internet access is

required for students)



 "Made in Florida

Industry Tour"

 This lesson plan

provides activitieto

prepare students

before they tour 

a manufacturing facility.



The Great American Teach In!


A Power Point presentation that introduces FLATE, manufacturing, careers in manufacturing, robots and automation! 

Sustainability in Manufacturing Lessons 


This is a series of design thinking lessons, created in collaboration with the USF College of Education Gus A. Stravos Center for Free Enterprise and Economic Education and support from the Coca-Cola Foundation, that are based off of interviews from industry panelists at the FLATE coordinated panel on Sustainability in Manufacturing. At the conclusion of these lessons, students will gain reading comprehension skills; critical thinking skills; and understand how manufacturers apply reduce, reuse, and recycling methods to their companies.





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