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 "EXPLORING ADVANCED MANUFACTURING" is a FREE online course open to all! EAM is an overview and introduction to the manufacturing industry in the Southeast.  Register, take the course and download the e-book on the Educate Workforce website: educateworkforce.com.



Explain how modern advanced manufacturing differs from common perceptions of the industryDescribe what is in a modern manufacturing facilityDifferentiate between manufacturing career pathwaysDescribe the education & skills for successful careersCompare average manufacturing salaries to those in other industries


Explore more about the online course at EAM overview file and guided teacher lesson plan using the EAM online course.  


FLATE has compiled a list of resources on entrepreneurship curriculum, mentorship, and online tools related to entrepreneurship principles, entrepreneurship as a career, ethics in business, and the principles of marketing, financing, and managing a business.



Florida Department of Education Entrepreneurship Education & Training (EET) Program

Designed to introduce students to the mindset required of successful entrepreneurs, while guiding and developing foundational entrepreneurial skills, embedded directly into Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum.




"What is Modern Manufacturing"

Help students understand all the ways

modern manufacturing effects

them everyday!!

Teamwork in Modern Manufacturing


Learn to be a good team player!

"How it's made...a career"   

Lesson Plan

Students will learn about all the different

careers it takes to design things

they use every day and

deliver them to your local store.  

"Exploring Careers"  

Lesson Plan

Students will learn how to work as a

team and work together to 

research careers in manufacturing.    

"Career and Educational Planning

Lesson Plan

Students will use the internet to explore 

all the different career options in

manufacturing and the education

level required for specific careers.  

"Workplace Skills

Lesson Plan

Students will learn how to work as a team is

this hands-on activity.    

"I didn't know that....was Made in Florida!"

Lesson Plan
Discover the world of modern manufacturing

as you learn about all the "stuff"

that is Made in Florida! 

Complete with career planning handouts

and classroom presentation. 



It's FUN!  Create your own...CAREER PATHWAY

...hang it up in your room to keep yourself motivated!




It's all about the RE$OURCES

...want to know how much $$$ you can make?

Salaries:HOURLY PAY $$(based on education and experience)


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